11th April 2021 - Countdown to Re-Open Day on 17th May is ON!!!!!

Well what more can I say but we are SUPER EXCITED to Re-Open on 17th May 2021!!! We thought this day would never come.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us during the lockdowns with the one off events like the "Day at the Beach" and "The Teddy Bears Picnic", also the Santa Doorstep Visits and the Easter Bunny Visits.

We have plans to give the Magic Garden Play Cafe an uplift for when we can great all our wonderful customers both New and Old through our doors!

The countdown is ON!!!

20th Dec 2020 - Santa is getting ready for the big night!

Well what can we say... The door step santa has been a HUGE success! Better than we could have ever imagined it! I'm sorry that we couldn't get round to everyone who wanted a visit but Santa can't use his magic til tonight to get round the world in one night.
We have visited over 300 houses, 530 children and driven around 750 miles!
I will be asking everyone to share their photos with us after Christmas but I want to thank everyone who has already sent us images. The kids faces are priceless.
We want to wish all our customers a merry Christmas and a happy new year x
Santa has had a power nap and is rarring to go tonight!

2nd Dec 2020 - Lockdown #...(I've lost count)!

Well we are playing another waiting game, Boris is putting us into tiered lockdowns and our cafe will be in Tier 2 to start with which means wee will be closed until further notice! Our door step Santa visits will be going ahead and bookings are being sorted, the elves are helping Santa get all the gifts ready, Mrs Clause is busy baking lots of lovely goodies to go along with the gifts. It is going to be a busy December but we can't wait to see the children's faces. Thank you all for your continued support.

30th May 2020 - Facebook Online Virtual Fayre!

Well I must give thanks to Damian who lent us his computer wizardry to create our video for the Worth Valley Virtual Lockdown Fayre. He won't mind me saying but he could work on his voice over skills but it was great to not have to worry about it. The team are still trying to keep things interesting and keep all our loyal customers informed about what is going on, even though it is a bit unclear when we are due to re-open. All I know is I am so excited for that day!

16th May 2020 - Our BRAND NEW Website is LIVE!!

After a lot of evenings without having a husband...all the work he has done has paid off. We are LIVE! I must admit it looks fantastic. I can't wait to get feedback from our customers and we are always open for improvement's if anyone has any. Just email [email protected].

Finally I can get my husband back from behind the laptop screen until the next project...

2nd May 2020 - Getting Online...

Over the past several weeks, we have had a LOT of help by one of my husbands best friends to get our NEW website the way we want it. He has taught my husband small bits of code, and made him think about things to make it as good as possible. Thankfully he has had the time due to shielding because of Covid-19. This is a time which has caused heartache and worry to many, be it work, money, stability, mental health and more. We have lost loved ones to the virus and shed a tear, had to change our lifestyle to suit the new way of life, not seeing family or giving them hugs. I know that has been one of the hardest things. Thankfully there is technology that can make it feel like your loved ones are just across from us.

One of the biggest things that we have had to adjust to, is moving the business online for the moment which for a Play Cafe hasn’t been the easiest. We have had to use social media a lot more to help promote and sell Easter packs and activity kits. We weren’t sure how they would go down but thankfully we have had a lot of support from our customers and hopefully some new ones along the way, again thanks to social media.

Back to my struggles with getting online. The website has been exciting project. We have managed to integrate our iZettle software that we use in the cafe to our online shop. Thankfully things are falling into place but we can’t wait to re-open and see all those lovely little faces playing and enjoying all the classes.

Thank you all for your continued support x

23rd March - Lock down...

About time that the government has initiated Lock down. Even though its hard for businesses at this time, it is the right thing to do for the country and in the fight against Covid-19. 

We as a new business, are counting down the days til it is lifted and we can go back to some sort of normality but we know we all must do our bit and "Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives".

We will continue to look at ways that we can survive and keep in touch with all our loyal customers both old and new.

Thank you again for all your help x

16th March 2020 - TEMPORARILY Closed Until Further Notice...

It is with a VERY heavy heart that we have to let all my customers know that as we hire our space from the Haworth Village Hall, it is out of our control but we have been informed this evening that we are to close our doors until further notice. We are devastated as we wanted to stay open as long as possible.
It had been a bit quieter due to the Coronavirus and people starting to shield due to various medical conditions. We had worked hard to keep up with the ever changing situation of the virus, ie increased cleaning, making sure we had enough cleaning products and hand wash for people to use.
We can't wait for it all to calm down and we can re-open and welcome everyone back. Thank you for your patience and co-operation during these times x

15th February 2020 - First Birthday Party Booking Completed.

Well...what a day. Our first Birthday Party booking is finished and we had so much good feedback. Everyone loved the atmosphere and all the food. 

We did a Hot and Cold buffet with various sandwiches, crisps, snacks, various veg sticks and dips, cocktail sausages, veggie rolls and hot pizza's. 

The party theme was "Under the Sea" and they brought their own ball pool with various shades of blue coloured balls in the pool. Our bubble machine was a firm favourite for the theme and the Boogie Babes party was a hit too. 

The kids had an amazing time and we can't wait for our next booking.

20th January 2020 - I am the NEW OWNER!

Well what a roller coaster... I found out about the cafe being for sale on 6th January and by the 9th, I had signed the contract. I had a week just seeing how everything ran and then a week handover. I am so excited for a new challenge and hopefully growing the business to help everyone in the community to have a safe space to come and relax and let the children have fun.